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•   The financial assessment
•   Domiciliary care (care in own home)
•   Means-testing for Domiciliary care
•   Direct payments
•   How is your property assessed for Long Term Care funding
•   The "12 week property disregard"
•   Deferred payments agreement
•   Other benefits & allowances
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The financial assessment

The Financial Assessment will include most capital, assets and savings held in an individual’s name such as: -

• Bank and Building Society accounts
• National Savings Investments & Premium Bonds
• Stocks, Shares and investment products
• Income from State, Personal and Occupational Pensions
• Property & Land (less any mortgage or secured loans)
• They may also review certain financial gifts made in recent years

Assets and savings that are held in joint names are usually divided between two in order to calculate the individual’s share.
Some assets are disregarded for the purposes of the means test.  These are: -

• Property that continues to be inhabited by a partner or spouse, dependent or other eligible parties (see below)
• Surrender value of Life policies/annuities
• Some Investment Bonds with a life assurance element (check with provider for clarification on plan held)
• Some compensation payments held in Trust or by Courts
• Assets, capital or income held your spouse’s or partner’s sole name

Personal possessions are excluded unless the Local Authority believes these to have been purchased in order to deliberately reduce capital prior to the Financial Assessment.

The Local Authority also has the discretion but is not compelled to disregard your home if it has now become the sole residence of someone who previously cared for you.  This may because the person who is your main carer may have given up or sold their property in order to come and live with you.


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