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Independent Care Advice Service

We offer a range of four service levels. These are designed in order to provide flexibility when considering your care and financial needs. 

1. Later Life Matters Care Guidance & Information (telephone only) - £125
This is our general telephone-based advice service. A Later Life Consultant will call you at a pre-agreed time to discuss your personal situation. We will then send you written information relevant to your circumstances, which are useful when investigating care options. This service is best chosen when you have enough time to carry out your own care provider search and may just need initial information and clarification.

2. Later Life Matters Care Advice & Report (telephone only) - £325
This is also a telephone-based service but rather than just provide basic information and guidance, following your detailed discussions about your specific requirements, the Later Life Consultant will fully research appropriate care providers that are most suited to your needs.  We will then send you a report setting out this information, which could include a shortlist of care providers with current vacancies or availability, depending on if care home or domiciliary care, together with details about their services and brochures, if available. This service is best chosen if you don’t have time to undertake the initial research, but wish to be able to visit and view the care providers in your own time.

3. Later Life Matters Home Visit – Care Advice & Report - £525
This third tier provides the services provided in number 2 above, but with the addition of a face-to-face meeting with a Later Life Consultant. This can either be at your home or held at our offices, depending on which is more convenient for you.  This is ideal if the person needing care or their family wants to be more involved in the discussions, and we would always recommend that another family member or friend is present at that meeting if possible.

4. Later Life Matters Care Advice Plus - £875
This encompasses the complete range of Later Life Matters’ services mentioned in 3 above, plus additional visits by our Consultants on your behalf in order to view vacant rooms that may be available and ongoing liaison with the Care Home Manager in this regard. We are also happy to meet with any domiciliary care provider on your behalf. This service is especially useful for clients who may be unable to visit the care provider themselves due to ill health or mobility restrictions, or those who may have difficulty in finding time to view all of the available options ie in the case of work or travel restrictions, for their family member or friend.

In addition to these four choices, we are also able to offer a bespoke service – tailored to your individual needs.  This can be established on a fixed fee agreement or an hourly rate basis. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your exact needs with one of our Later Life Consultants and we will be happy to tailor our services accordingly.

For more complex arrangements or if additional travelling is required, we will charge an hourly rate of £75.00 per hour plus expenses.

Our standard Terms of Business and a Fee Agreement will be provided to you; personalised for your specific requirements following your initial discussions with your Later Life Consultant.

Please note that VAT may be added at the prevailing rate and/or applied to disbursements or expenses, as applicable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about these services.


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