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Household Documents Management & Archive Services

Where do you keep all of your papers?
How do you know what is important enough to keep and what can be thrown away as “junk mail”?
Do you find the continual deluge of junk mail hard to cope with?
Would you like someone to sort and file your paperwork each month, in conjunction with a brief financial review?
Would you like someone to set up bill payments and direct debits with you to make paying bills easier and taking advantage of any available payment discounts?
Would you like someone to check that you are not paying too much for your utility bills such as gas, electricity or your phone?

Later Life Matters Limited are fully aware of how overwhelming dealing with household paperwork such as bills and statements can become.  It can seem that as soon as one bill is paid, another arrives to take its place, or yet another statement is received.

We are able to offer an initial service during which we will sort, collate and provide filing solutions for your paperwork so that it is easy to find and refer to in the future.  We will separate paperwork that we feel is no longer required so that you can personally filter this and agree to its secure disposal.

This can be provided as a one-off service or, as we would recommend, in addition to a monthly visit to ensure the filing is kept up to date and order is maintained.  There is a fixed charge for the one-off service and a monthly retainer would be required for regular visits.We are also able to provide off-site secure storage facilities, for a small annual fee, for your important documents such as Wills, Mortgage Deeds, and Powers of Attorney.All information will be kept in the strictest confidence and all of our advisers have undergone valid Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks, to ensure safety in your own home.If you would like further information regarding our Household Documents Management & Archive Services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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