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Your right to choose a Care Home

Your Adult Care Services Department will be able to provide a list of homes in the Local Authority area and basic information about them. We will also be happy to provide further information about Care Providers and Homes in your area, see our Care Placement Services for further information.

Even if the Local Authority is funding your care, you have the right to choose a care home, as long as it meets your assessed needs and does not cost more than the Local Authority would usually pay.  As mentioned above, a family member of third party can top up the fees on your behalf if there is a shortfall between the costs of the Care Home and what the Local Authority may be willing to pay. Depending on the services provided by the Home, you may be able to arrange a temporary place in a Home whilst you wait for a vacancy to come up at your preferred accommodation.

If you qualify for State funding, you also have the right to choose a Care Home in another Local Authority, to be closer to family for example, which will still be paid for by their Local Authority.  It may be that Care Homes in another area are more expensive than your own Local Authority and it should be noted that if this is the case, your Local Authority may only pay up to their maximum amount and top up fees may be required.

The need for residential care can sometimes arrive suddenly and the person needing care may be moved directly into a Home from a stay in hospital.  Again, although a place in a Care Home may be found if there is no longer a need to need to stay in hospital and receive intense medical care, you have the right to move to another Home in the future if you so wish, taking the above into consideration.

Please remember that it is very important to choose a home that if affordable for as long as care is needed.  You do not want to have to relocate at a later stage.


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